#ezyokekal #kitchenerstitch #elizabethzimmermann I'm quite proud of my kitchener stitch. Knit one pop it off, swivel, purl one pull it through..Thank you lovely lady on YouTube and as always thank you @fabrickated for the inspiration. X


OMG. That's very good indeed. So exciting isn't it?!
@fabrickated Thank you. It is exciting. This is not quite the whole / hole story! Knitting is a bit of a rollercoaster 🎢. I'm delighted with my attempt at Kitchener stitch but I think I stretched the unfinished armpits while wondering around in my sweater for a few hours trying to decide if I was happy with the neckline. I'm left with holes at either side of the, beautiful join and in a few moments of rash free style darning madness, without my specs on, I've created a bit of a mess underarm 😕! Not sure if I should just style out the imperfections, probably indoors or attempt to fix my mistakes. K x