I love when your ex bass player goes on to start a cool fucking rock band… With amazing merch and hats that make you feel sexy when you wear them… Thats happened to ya’ll right? #beastoblanco #liesdeceitandtreachery #bulletboys #dwdrums #paistecymbals #vaterdrumsticks #aquariandrumheads #arenarock #calicocooperwassentheretosaveusall


Love it
Sure 🙄 lol.......looks good 😍
Where can I find one?
You don’t need the hat to look sexy @jimmydanda But it does help. 🤘🏻🧢🤘🏻
@thehdhunt @beastoblanco ?
Sure ❣️Only when I was married to Drummer in Band.DEF got “share” of free Merchandise .. Back in those DAYZ Bands & Wives didn’t wear walking in Auditorium. Wearing Band T-shirts was for Streetwear/Walking ADS (& paid our bills) 😉 Hope makes sense WHY we never even asked for Yours nor @seanmcnabbla @georgelynchofficial autographS??😉 @tarabonee was SO happy w/how down to Earth/Nice you ALL were❣️She thought You Guys were being kept from sleeping-traveling to next town & that “check in call” home to Family✌🏼💜#antiseen #kidvicious #drummerslife
@jimmydanda yes. Online or do only at shows?
@jimmydanda nevermind I found it.
You are a badass drummer!! No doubt about it! .. and love Beasto Blanco
You can be the new merch model from now on.
Cool pic 😎
@jennasyde ❤️
@traciroehr 💙
@beastoblanco coming from the sexiest band in rock .. I’ll take it 😘
@jodibonee ❤️
@davischarlotte09 👊🏻😉 Beasto! ...
@innes.ali awe💙 hi Chica!!
Cool hat and band...😀❤🎶🎤🎸