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None of the above
Among them,Kidd
Kidd 😏
Monkey D. Luffy
I would say Kid, 😔until he got his ass whooped by Kaido
@ice_mixa didnt all of them get their asses whooped except appoo is on kaidos team and basil hawkins is unknown
@hench_mexican_plank ahhh damn when you put it that way 🤔😂
@ice_mixa yep
Kid or Hawkins
Original of @zoroz_x You are a thief
Even zoro could beat them in one-on-one combat
Kid 💕
@bapangrib are we reading the same manga? Kaidou beated em ,not neebie!
@ice_mixa what were you expecting , a yonkpu would go down so easily? Our Sh are running away as well. Even whn she is out of control adn this weak.
@ajay.20la.7 im not talking about things from manga. Just my prediction.. From my point of view, zoro could beat them. Im not saying zoro already beat them.
@bapangrib either you are going to be disappointed or you are dehyping em yourself which will only make one piece less interesting for you.
@bapangrib doffy speech made it clear , supernovas will aslo compete for pirate king and if zoro coukd beat em they ain't no rivals to luffy. That would suck if it's true already.
@ajay.20la.7 im saying at this point. You know their power that has been shown. Zoro with his skill could beat them since his power based on haki and sword, not DF. But if they're improve their power just like luffy gear four(combined haki and DF) thats the point where zoro is not their level.
@bapangrib doesn't they normally should. You saw law. You read urouge defeating snack. This ain't pre timeskip. And they were bold enough to be planning for yonkou.
Useless df
@ajay.20la.7 but there will be only some that could be luffy's main rival. I guess only law and kid could make it. Like roger's rival, shiki and sirohige.
@bapangrib by the end, only one or two will be able to stand next to him in strength. But he is still far from Pirate king yet. Each of Supernovas will be a threat at first for a arc or two, then Luffy will surpass him, like he did with Law. Also you included kid as well , when you said zoro could defeat em.
@ajay.20la.7 did you even read my comments? "At this point", "one-on-one". Geez
@bapangrib did u read mine? Nvm. Keep believing Zoro can defeat em one on one.
Kid 😍♥♥
Eustass "Cap'tain" Kidd 😍💖
ma boi KID
Kid because those two just background characters 💯☠️
Capitaine kide
@cespedes.ivanyiyiyi 3 de los supernovas