CRUISE PACKING I’ve been dreaming of returning to Castaway Cay and the golden sand beaches and turquoise blue water. The few hours we spent on our #DisneyPartner #disneysmmc cruise there wasn’t long enough! . I have a new blog post (check my stories for the swipe up link!) with a Disney Cruise packing list in case you’re heading out on your own @disneycruiseline trip! . #castawaycay #cruiseship #portofcall #disneydream #disneycruise


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Castaway cay looks so fun!
Definitely saving this!
I love that island! There are so many different activities to do or you can just sit and relax on the beach. Magical, but then again it is Disney
@lilfamadventure I feel like we didn’t do 1/10th of the stuff!
@stuffedsuitcase I feel the same way and This was my second visit. Never enough time
We really loved our day there!
What an incredible place to stop! Looks beautiful!
This is so cool, Disney cruise is on our wishlist too
How much time do you typically get ashore?
That’s a pretty nice piece of paradise right there!!
@travelswbaggage we were here from 8 to 5 I think! But we ran the 5k in the morning so lost a bit of time since we went back aboard to clean up and regroup afterwards.
Oh yes!! We are going in April! Can’t wait!!
Wow! Beautiful setting! - palm trees, sand, amazing cruise ship!
A Disney cruise is on our short list. Looks so much fun!
What a pretty scene with the palm trees, blue water and cruise ship!
Gorgeous 🙌🏻🙌🏻 please check out my pictures and follow me if you like!😊
I have been wanting to go on a Disney cruise for so many years! Definitely looking into either the Alaska or Copenhagen cruises!
Epic shot and really cool feed you have!
How nice is this?! 💙💙
Looks beautiful! Always wanted to go on a Disney Cruise!
Nice place
Wow a beautiful place 😻😻Lighten up, just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more, and don't get so worked up about things.❤❤❤
Ohh this place is a dream 😢😢😢❤
This picture is wonderful
Never been on a cruise but so want too!
so relaxinggg
I wish I was there 😍😍😍
Wow 😍
So pretty
Hope you enjoy dear
We’re only back a couple of weeks and kids are asking to return.
Omg that looks like a fun place to vacate to
Thats a nice place and I need to go to that Cruise
lovely place😍😙😗😚😗😚
Perfect 👌🏽